The Journey..

It was only a matter of days before the call came from my primary care physician. “Please call me Kathy, we need to discuss your bloodwork.” When I didn’t respond in a few days, the next message was a bit more insistent: “Please schedule an appointment Kathy, we need to get you on some medication for your cholesterol”. Now let me be clear about something. I like my primary care doc. She is kind, compassionate, and unique in that she gives me the time and attention that any patient would hope for when they’re in a doctor’s office. I simply was not ready to acquiesce that going on a statin was my only option. I needed time to think, to digest, and to do my research. As writer and speaker Marianne Williamson says: Sometimes when we don’t know the answer, it’s time to simply be with the question. My gut was telling me to just sit with this for awhile. It wasn’t until I was solidly in my 40’s and had taken many detours in life that I learned that my gut is always right. Up until that point I always thought that little inner voice just meant I was hungry…
So as Christmas approached, I swapped out decking the halls for Google surfing. Just as Larry & Sergey intended, I started to “organize the world’s information” and certain things started to connect with me. A pattern emerged and I was off in a direction that felt right and I just knew I had to pursue.


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