The Journey Continues..

My first foray into eating healthier was around 2004 when I realized that not everyone was hungry an hour after they ate like I was. While slender since after college, my meals just never “stuck to my ribs”. If I didn’t eat every couple of hours, “Hangry” became my middle name. I was a poster child for the Snickers commercials with the tag line “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. Somehow it was a whole lot more attractive on Betty White…
It slowly started to occur to me that maybe it wasn’t so much that I had hypoglycemic tendencies, but more a reflection of what kind of fuel I was putting into the tank. I bought a book by Steven G. Pratt, M.D. called “SuperFoods. Fourteen Foods that Will Change Your Life”. Suddenly a lot more turkey and blueberries and tomatoes were taking residence in my refrigerator, and it did seem to help. But chocolate chips remained a major food group.
Over time, I have become a researcher at heart. Before making any big decision I like to read as much as I can and weigh things out. I’m not sure which side of my lineage I can blame for this but blindly accepting what is marketed to me is not my strong point. I need to do my own fact checking and then tune in to that newly honed instinct of mine. My skepticism of jumping on the statin wagon was no different. Going down the rabbit hole of high cholesterol was an adventure I’m not sure Alice was prepared for. There are two very different camps. In my reading, “Functional Medicine” kept being referenced. This was a new term for me but it seemed to be speaking my language. “In Functional Medicine we treat the person who has the disease rather than the disease the person has.” I didn’t want to look at my high cholesterol in isolation. I wanted to look at it in relation to all the other “functions” that my body so miraculously performs. This article was the encouragement I needed that maybe there really was a middle ground, and that I could pursue the best of two worlds. With this new information, I was then able to lean into the holidays. It was time to hang the stockings with care and temporarily shelf this cholesterol scare.


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