Raising the Sail..

The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail.

After some dark days, I raised my sail and the promise of Spring carried me into March. Paperwork from the Cleveland Clinic started to trickle in in preparation for my April visit. Questionnaires and health histories left no stone (or grain of sugar) unturned. The information input was extensive and most certainly encompassed a “whole person” approach. It is here where I will say that this axiom of medicine might not be for everyone. Some people are very happy spending 10 minutes with a doc and walking out with a prescription to fix them..and I certainly respect that. However this tapped right in to my researcher/detective/philosopher spirit. Reflecting on not just my own health history but also that of my family’s was a fascinating way of starting to connect the dots. When I wasn’t trying to find out what the demise of old Aunt Edna was, I took to my kitchen. The kitchen is my sanctuary and when it’s 5:00 o’clock somewhere a glass of wine is a welcome companion. I had spent a lot of time perusing my stash of cookbooks trying to spread my wings into greener pastures of cooking. Since I’d sworn off sausage & pepperoni pizza and my sugar cravings were somewhat reformed I went in search of something a bit friendlier to someone who was about to “Go West, young man” in search of land in the form of better health. A few culinary changes were in order.


One thought on “Raising the Sail..

  1. Kath, just got caught up and I am so glad I did! I had heard your story over dinner downtown on your birthday but I am loving hearing more details and hearing your thought process. I have always loved hearing your thoughts! So keep it up honey, it’s wonderful. Your writing is enjoyable and fluid, easy to read. I am impressed but never surprised by your skill in the written word. It’s always been a true stength of yours my dear friend.

    Carry on, Warrior!


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