And So It Begins..

If any of you were at the Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday, April 7th, and saw a girl skipping out the front door eating a banana, that was me. This ‘facing your fears’ business was starting to feel rather empowering. I had not only survived the morning, I tackled it head on. The clouds had parted, the rain had stopped and I was headed home. As I cruised on down the Ohio Turnpike, can I tell you how much the Sbarro sign was flashing at me to stop for a sausage & pepperoni pizza to celebrate? I resisted..
By early morning Thursday, the first email alert came: “New Test Result Released to MyChart”. It was early, I needed to get ready for work. I wondered if maybe I should just wait until I got home later so that I could review everything all at once. Who was I kidding? I logged on to MyChart at top speed and immediately scanned for the LIPID PANEL BASIC details. It was buried all the way over on page 3 (She took a lot of blood) This was the moment of truth as to where my cholesterol numbers stood. And get a load of this: My cholesterol was normal. Normal! I jumped out of bed and a happy dance ensued along the likes of this.
It was a happy day indeed.
When I came home that evening, I printed out all the results and took a hard look. Normal insulin? Check. Normal iron? Check. Normal Cortisol? Check. Then there it was. There they were. Four of the results were not just high, they were off the rails high. For instance, normal for one was <20. Mine was 112. Another one had a normal range of between 78-300. Mine was 519. Jeepers. With numbers like that we weren’t in Kansas anymore…
The thing was, I didn’t know what they meant. It being after hours on a Thursday evening, there was nothing I could do to find out. So I took a final look at my normal cholesterol, gave myself a high five, and went to sleep.


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