I Can See Clearly Now..

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
~ Desiderata

So. Aside from unwittingly eating a piece of cheesecake without the crust, I have been gluten-free since May 5th. I wish I could convey the reactions that I have gotten from people. It has ranged everywhere from an exaggerated eye roll to gasps of “I could never live without beer and bread”. But here’s the thing: it was only a matter of days before I started to feel the difference. And after a few weeks? I’m almost without words to describe it. I liken it to putting on my first pair of prescription glasses. Sitting (willingly) in my optometrists office sliding on those lenses, I looked across the room and could see the detail in the fabric of the chairs. I walked outside and suddenly saw the outlines of the leaves on the trees. I never knew what I was missing until I could see. Without gluten, I began to see the fabric of my life. I didn’t realize how fatigued I was until I had the energy to stay up reading past 10:00 o’clock on a school night. I never truly understood brain fog until it lifted.
People ask me if it’s hard not eating this or that, and here’s my honest answer: If I dwell on the fact that I’ll never eat another Oreo again, then yes I could dissolve into a heap of tears. But given the choice of how I feel now versus how I felt six months ago…I’ll kiss my 8 year old self on the forehead and say me and those Oreos had a great run, but they’re a thing of the past now.
On the contrary, I find myself far more concerned with being vigilant in not eating this or that. Knowing that for however long my body has had difficulty absorbing nutrients, I want to give it every opportunity to nourish itself. Clearly, I’ve been absorbing calories for all these years as I’m a lot more corn-fed in stature than waif-like as those who know me can surely attest. But now I need to make it my focus on fueling up with the proper nutrition.
It’s all a matter of how you look at it. And the more I look at it, the more I like what I see.


2 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now..

  1. I continue to enjoy your storytelling and learning details about your journey of healing your body. I love your determination and positive spirit about what lies ahead for you. Keep it up Kath!

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