A Clean Slate..

The weather wasn’t exactly frightful, but cooking in shorts and a t-shirt with the windows open on Christmas Eve wasn’t really delightful either.  It just didn’t feel a whole lot like Christmas.  But my girl was home and I was happy and all felt right with the world.  I loved having my family here for dinner and all of us squeezing around my farm table with my mom’s china and silver.

My girl was under the weather on Christmas, so we stayed in our pajama’s and ate cookies and drank tea.  It was our license to watch all eight of the Harry Potter movies together and be unapologetic about it.

My cookie of choice this holiday was this macaroon They are the simplest things to make.  Nora uses unsweetened coconut and then adds a sweetener to it.  I only had sweetened coconut flakes on hand so I just used it but omitted any additional sugar.  Red and green sprinkles were perfect for Christmas:


They cook low and slow:


I didn’t add the bottom layer of chocolate.  I think they’re so delicious just the way they are straight from the oven:


I made another batch for New Year’s Eve and used rainbow sprinkles:


This being my first gluten free Christmas, these little gems got me through:




Even though it wasn’t a white Christmas and felt more like Easter, I savored the time with my girl and the Tall Texan.  My first round of gluten free holidays is under my belt and 2016 is already off to a great start.

This is my wish
my wish for the world

that peace would find it’s way
to every boy and girl

this is the time
the time for harmony
let love be the song

that everybody sings

fill the air with joyful noise
ring the bells and raise your voice

let there be peace on earth
let there be peace on earth.

~Old Wave



12 thoughts on “A Clean Slate..

    1. They are as yummy as they look! I forgot to add that if they don’t crisp up to your liking in the oven while baking, stick them under the broiler for 30 seconds or so. It gives them a nice golden look and flavor of perfection!

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  1. We all love coconut! I have to try this one. Yum! And so funny that you two watched all 8 Harry Potters! That’s awesome. We’ve been rewatching all the Star Wars and enjoying it. Harry Potter is so much more marvelous though! Happy 2016 Kath!


  2. Yay! Loved this post! I fell off my gluten free wagon this Christmas & boooooo to that!
    Your macaroons look dreamy. Post me some, next time!
    Haaaaappy New Year to you & your family (hope your daughter is ok). xx

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