That Time of Year..

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.
~ John Steinbeck

The week and a half off for the holidays made for a rough wake up last Monday morning.  It didn’t help that the temperature had dropped to bitter in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  That was a multiple snooze alarm morning and I pretty much dragged through the day until it was time to go to bed again.  I started to perk up around about Wednesday knowing I was only two days away from the weekend.

On Friday morning I walked past the office and saw a few teachers huddled around looking at something.  Of course I had to go have a gander.  And there it was…. the order form for Girl Scout cookies.  I think I let out an audible gasp.  In all the months since my celiac diagnosis, I hadn’t thought of this moment…. the moment I realized that my Girl Scout cookie days are over.  It was the second time in less than a month that I wanted to cry over something I couldn’t eat.  Back in the good old days, I was a 9 year old girl’s dream:  “Mrs. Bruton, want to buy some cookies?”  Sure!  I’ll have two of each!  I never turned any of those little girls down.  All in the name of good commerce of course…

I turned on my heel and went back to my classroom.  Thankfully Google was close by and it never disappoints.  In 0.59 seconds, it produced about 106,000 results for a query of “gluten free Samoas”.  I perused for a minute, did a quick copy & paste, and smiled knowing I had my Sunday morning baking all planned out.

Thank goodness for culinary mavens like the Minimalist Baker.  Her gluten free Samoas are quick, simple and delicious.  A quick mix of some almond flour with the dry ingredients:


A hearty whisking of the egg:


Combine wet with dry:


Refrigerate for 15 minutes and place on baking sheet:


Bake for 10 – 12 minutes:


Drizzle with caramel and melted chocolate.  Clearly my drizzling skills still need some work.. to which I say, maybe next time….  I couldn’t wait to taste one of these beauties:




I didn’t use her recipe for the Bourbon caramel, primarily because I didn’t have any Bourbon on hand… and I wasn’t going to venture out on a Sunday morning in search of any..  Instead I used a recipe with coconut milk and maple syrup.  You can find it here.   Honestly, the only thing missing from this cookie is the center cutout hole.  Of course I could take my tiny little cutter and make those holes, but that surely would have led to a dozen little cutouts in my belly as my discipline is slim to none..  As it was, before I even started baking them, I had to stand in my kitchen and put up my three fingers and take the Girl Scout vow:  On my honor, I will try.. Not to eat this entire batch in one day

So thank you Girl Scouts for the inspiration, and thank you Minimalist Baker for making life with celiac a whole lot easier.



4 thoughts on “That Time of Year..

  1. Girls scouts now carry gluten free cookies! Only 2-3 flavors depending on where you live in the US (my boyfriend mailed me one of the ones not offered here in Virginia so I’ve been able to try two types so far!) Very good! Made in a dedicated gluten free facility so safe for celiac disease individuals!


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