Chips Ahoy..

I found myself putting off the random generator because I knew that only one of you can receive all these delicious chips from Jackson’s Honest but I want you all to have a try..  Hopefully their distribution will go national soon!

So here we go.  The random generator chose:


So the lucky recipient is:


Susi!  Please email your address to me at  kathybruton2 at gmail dot com so that I can pass that information along to the kind people at Jackson’s Honest.   And be sure to check in with us when you receive your chips to tell us all about them!

My girl is home for a week to unload and reload in preparation for a big trip (to Argentina) for a long time (10 months).  I’ll be nibbling on her ear for the next 7 days to spend as much time as possible with her before she goes.  But I’ll be back next week.

Thank you to everyone who commented for a chance at the chips.  There will be more giveaways down the road I’m sure.  Until next week..



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