Lions and Lambs..

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four- and-twenty hours.
~ Mark Twain

Evidently Mark Twain was in western Pennsylvania when he observed this. March went out like a lamb just as it’s supposed to. A mere 72 hours ago it was sunny and 70 degrees and our weeping cherry tree was in glorious bloom. April however still had a bit of roar to share. Today we woke up to a layer of snow. Hijole.

Easter was rather quiet this year, but that didn’t diminish the sweetness of the day. I love everything about Easter. The colors, the flowers, the hope, the chocolate..
The day after Easter in 1993 I went into labor with my little 8 pound 2 ounce baby girl. As a result, I always called her ‘my little bunny’. When she was a toddler, she was painfully shy. It didn’t matter where we would go, she would cling to me or hide behind my legs until she sized up the place. And sure enough, the first sign that she was comfortable?  She would start to hop.
Now as an adult, she fearlessly hops all over the globe. And like all good bunnies, she sends me pictures of food she prepares for herself to reassure me that she is remembering my lessons about nutrition.

Just as fall is synonomous with pumpkin, I think most of us equate spring with lemons.  There’s something so fresh and cleansing about lemons and I’ve been craving them in everything.

This lemon pound cake is a delicious treat, without the pound of butter.  Nothing says fresh like lemon zest.


It cooked up beautifully and I went ahead and added a powdered sugar glaze.


When we were growing up, Easter always included my mom’s homemade cinnamon sweet rolls.  These days, my sister has mastered that recipe beautifully, however my sweet roll days are long gone.  This pound cake was a satisfying substitute.


I just peaked out at my snow covered yard, and a bunny went scampering by.  My girl may be hopping across South America, but she is never far from my heart.


4 thoughts on “Lions and Lambs..

  1. Loved this post from start to finish! (I also adore lemon everything, so that made me happy too!) Happy April 3rd Kath!


    1. As much as I would LOVE to take credit for the recipe, it’s not my own. Nora at A Clean Bake is the mastermind behind it. But if you’d like to share that you found it via my blog, I certainly love sharing my journey! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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