Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.
~ George Eliot

Mother’s Day weekend brought with it some beautiful weather. Our dogwood tree was in full bloom which warmed my heart as my mom had such love for dogwood trees. Those blossoms were like a heaven sent kiss from her to me.


The sunshine was my first opportunity to work in the yard. If the sun is shining, I want to be outside. My dilemma that day was where was I going to find the time and the desire to be in the kitchen to make dessert for a dinner I had been invited to.  I had cupcakes on my mind, and we have a delicious gluten free bakery not too far from here. But it’s one thing to stop in the summertime and pick up one cupcake and walk down the street savoring every morsel trying hard not to get icing all over yourself. (You can’t take me anywhere..) It’s an altogether different thing to buy a dozen as it requires an arm, a leg and your first born. Honestly. I contemplated making some from scratch, but I have yet to master that fine art. Gluten free baking is so precarious what with the different flours and the gums —it’s quite the balancing act.  All of my favorite gluten free bloggers make it look so effortless like this:


But the reality for me looks like this:


Therefore, I decided that for this occasion, I would take the easy way out and buy a mix.  What I discovered is that both Betty Crocker and Pillsbury make a gluten free cake mix, and I really couldn’t decide between the two.  Betty Crocker was almost $2.00 more expensive than Pillsbury, but in my pre-Celiac days was my preferred brand.  I decided that for the sake of gluten free research, I would buy them both, and have a taste off.  As I reached for the boxes, all I could hear was my nutritionist’s voice saying…this is highly processed food.  Yes, yes, I know, I know.  But the truth is, I’m a normal person with constraints on both my time and my wallet just like everyone else…and this is what made the most sense that day.  So I did a sideways glance up and down the aisle, winked at the little devil sitting on my shoulder, and tossed them both in my cart.

Here are the results of my research.  Pillsbury baked up beautifully with an impressive rise to them:


Betty Crocker?  Not so much:


You can really see the difference once I put the icing on:


The real test of course was flavor and texture.  I made everyone take one of each, and without contest, Pillsbury was the clear winner.  They most closely resembled what a cupcake should be:  Fluffy, moist and delicious.

Nutritional value?  Zero.  Joining in on eating a cupcake with family and friends?  Pure joy.  The perfect ending to a beautiful Mother’s Day.


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