Hello Summer..

Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift.
~ Mary Oliver

Some people are not meant to have a dog.  Ever.  Some people are not meant to be without a dog. Ever.  I fall in the latter category.  Although I thought I would embrace my independence and freedom to move about the country..things just didn’t unfold that way.  The absence of four paws made me feel untethered and lost.  I kept waiting for those feelings to pass.  But instead, it just got worse.  I couldn’t believe it when I found myself searching for a new dog.  And yet, I couldn’t not look.  After several starts and stops (I want a dog, no I don’t, I have to have a dog, oh-my-goodness I must be crazy…) it became clear that not having a dog was simply not an option.  So along came this little girl.  Summer.  A 10 week old chocolate labrador retriever.


She’s already chasing balls..


And had her first swim..


And takes lots of naps..


And since this is supposed to be a space about gluten free living, I should mention that I learned the hard way with my first lab the importance of feeding dogs a high quality food.  Summer will eat only a grain free food.  The best resource for the truth about what you’re really getting in your dog food is Dog Food Advisor.  It is very safe to say that just like people food, not all dog food is created equal.

Summer has only been with me for 24 hours and she has already brought so much joy to my heart and my home.  Based on the fact that she follows me everywhere I go and always needs to be leaning on me in some way, I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.


It is no small gift.


17 thoughts on “Hello Summer..

    1. Enriched beyond belief! And thank you. I am so in love with her already. It’s always nice to connect with people who understand the beauty of 4 paws at home! I’m so grateful for your kind words. ❤


  1. Yay! Summer is a beautiful gift. She is soooo gorgeous, and I know and you know she is going to bring you so much joy and happiness. I have three rescues, all got at the same time, so they have company, and they are amazing, I cannot imagine my life without them. Enjoy your baby Kathy x

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    1. Thank you Lynne! I think she’s pretty gorgeous myself! But all mom’s are biased, eh? Three rescues?! Oh my goodness, what an angel you are to those fur babies. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they assimilate into our lives and become a part of us? Such a gift. I’m so grateful for your kinds words. Thank you so much Lynne. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for the support on the name…it has been a subject of debate but they were all overruled. 🙂 And yes, we all DO need a bit of summer (and Summer!) in our lives. I hope your summer is off to a beautiful start. I know mine is. ❤

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