Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program..

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.
~ Dorothy Day

The other day a loyal reader pointed out that it has been a month since I visited this space. ~gasp~
Summer has gobbled me up in equal parts carefree days and Tall Texan adventures.

Here is a glimpse of my gluten free summer:

We saw some beautiful sunsets up north:


We devoured Michigan strawberries:


We took some rides in the boat:


We took a ride on a train:


We got lost on a mountain road:


We took a hike with some cows:


We watched the hummingbirds dance:


We ate a lot of these deliciousย wraps:


And we woke up to this view:


So! ย Even though I didn’t spend nearly the time in my kitchen I thought I would this summer, I certainly nourished my soul.






24 thoughts on “Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program..

  1. Where were you? The pics are gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try those wraps, even on Amazon they are super expensive! Glad you vouched for the, maybe I’ll get them after all!

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    1. Thank you Kim! First we were in northern Michigan, then we were in southern Colorado. Both so beautiful in their own ways! As for the wraps, yes they are good, but yes they are expensive. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My local Whole Foods quit carrying them precisely for that reason–they just weren’t selling. I picked them up on my travels. Amazon’s price is the best that I have found. Isn’t it sad that many things that actually carry a nutritional value are prohibitive in cost, and yet the garbage is dirt cheap? Anywho, my favorite way to eat these is with sunflower seed butter (or cashew butter) a drizzle of raw honey then topped with either banana slices or strawberries. Yummmmm!

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      1. As a committed animal lover, I can completely relate to your sentiments! I am very fortunate to have found my beagle Tucker at a rescue shelter. He is a little boy (23 pounds) with a 100 pound personality.

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