The Crown Jewel..

Just keep swimming.
~ Dory

The transition back to school has been pretty smooth for both Summer and me.  I’m so fortunate to have retired neighbors across the street who come over at lunchtime to let her out to play for a bit.  When I get home it’s a happy dance reunion and off we go for a long walk.   In the evening it’s clear that she missed me all day because this is pretty much what it looks like around here every night:



We did have a wee bit of excitement one morning when I was enjoying a cup of green tea.  Summer was at my feet where she always is and I got up to look for the ever elusive remote.  When I turned back around two blinks later she was happily licking her chops after devouring my entire tea bag in one gulp.  My squeal of horror sent her running for cover:


The last thing this dog needs is caffeine, no matter how small the amount.  After a call to the vet and being assured that she would be fine, I placated myself by knowing that she just got a heaping helping of antioxidants.

That evening, a neighbor asked if I could look after their beta fish, Jewel, for the week while they went on vacation.  I didn’t tell her of the morning tea bag incident, but I did tell her that I really don’t have a great track record with fish.  I didn’t tell her about the time when I was 8 and my next door neighbor and best friend entrusted her guppies to me.  And how I had no idea that a thermostat light in a fish tank wasn’t supposed to stay lit the whole time.  And how I kept turning that knob until the light would stay on. And how I woke up the next morning to a tank full of boiled guppies.  Nope.  I just stood there with a look of panic hoping to convey that maybe I wasn’t the best caretaker for Jewel. But they were leaving in a matter of hours, so I reluctantly agreed.

The next week consisted mainly of:  wake up, check on Jewel.  Take Summer out, check on Jewel. Feed Summer, check on Jewel.  Go to work, come home, check on Jewel.  And on it went.  I talked to her, cajoled her, pleaded with her to just keep swimming…

And she did.

I was so happy to see them come home.  As she sloshed around in her bowl as I carefully walked her home, that sappy Barry Manilow song started playing in my head:  Looks like we made it..

That night I celebrated with pizza.  Not the delicious take-out kind that’s dripping in gluten, but this.


It’s been a month of change and minor adventures, but I’m still swimming.









8 thoughts on “The Crown Jewel..

  1. What a great read!! I know the feeling of not trusting my beagle and his NOSE that finds EVERYTHING he’s not supposed to. Child proofing my house would be easier. So glad to see the two of you enjoying each other so much. They can be a handful, but, are soooo worth it!

    Congratulations on the fish pet sitting. You will probably want to double up on your green tea to counter balance the oxidative emotional STRESS it caused. 😀

    The weekend is upon you. Go make it a great one! 🙂

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  2. A P.S. to the post: The “next door neighbor and best friend” who I referenced whose guppies I did a number on saw this post on Facebook and chimed in:
    Luise: “Kathy I still tell that story about my guppies! Those fish were left over from a year at Fairview Elementary. Hahahah! When I got back from vacation, your Mom had made sure there were replacement fish in the tank. Have to admit, the fish were not my favorite pet!! No worries!!!”
    How relieved am I to know that all these years later I have been forgiven! 🙂


  3. Summer is just so precious. Shame, she just wanted to be like her mom and have some tea. Nice that the two of you have settled into ‘school life’ again. I’m sure it is so special coming home to her at the end of the day 🙂
    The guppy story is hysterical (but sad, poor little things) I remember there was this stream relatively close by where as kids we would go and catch guppies, and take them home for pets…clearly they didn’t last.
    Glad that Jewel is still swimming 🙂 Have a good week 🙂

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    1. I did use the goat cheese. 😳 Shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone mmkay? Your will power is amazing! I THINK I have seen some dairy free crust recipes — let me poke around my archives and I’ll get back to you on that. Btw–my meal planner came and so did my 10 day detox cookbook! Yippeeeee!! Thanks for the recommendations!

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