The Countdown..

The sun looks down on nothing half so good as a household laughing together over a meal.
~ C. S. Lewis

The second Thanksgiving since my celiac diagnosis is in the books. This one was a bit different from the first however, since I didn’t have total control over the meal. This year we gathered at my nephew’s house and it was great fun and so delicious. Thanksgiving, although probably my favorite holiday, is one of the toughest meals to have celiac. I mean, practically the whole menu is just dripping in gluten. It might as well be called Thanksglutening. Whether consciously or unconsciously, I found myself hanging around the kitchen a lot to scope out what was safe and where the cross contamination land mines might be. I brought my own stuffing and kept it on a completely separate table so there wouldn’t be any accidental serving spoon mix ups. And my sister was looking out for me and saved some of the turkey drippings before polluting it with flour for the gravy. A drizzle of that over my meat and potatoes made me happy. Once the meal was made and on the table I could take off my Sherlock hat and settle in to eat.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved a countdown.  A countdown to summer, or a countdown to vacation, but nothing makes me happier than a countdown to a homecoming of my daughter.  She has spent the last nine months living and working in Argentina and this is the longest we’ve ever been apart.  We are under a week until her return and while everyone is buzzing about for the holidays, I’ve got tunnel vision to the  arrivals gate at Pittsburgh International Airport.  I believe there are limits for how long a mother & daughter should be apart…and we have exceeded them.  She will only be stateside for a month before returning to Buenos Aires for a full time job, and we’ve already got a full calendar.  So I am starting to make all of her favorite foods to have a full refrigerator and freezer when she finally gets here.  This awesome meal planner is keeping me organized and focused.  A fellow functional medicine patient told me about it and I highly recommend.  You can find it here.


Here are a few things that I have enjoyed lately that I will be making for her.  These stuffed peppers are simple and delicious.  I used grass-fed beef instead of turkey:


I toss this Apple-cinnamon pork roast into a crock pot in the morning and we have a tender, juicy meal for dinner.


I have found many delicious recipes from PaleoLeap.  Their recipe section is extensive, but what I love best is that all of their recipes come with a checklist like this:


Whether I’m using my phone, laptop, or iPad, this handy tool has eliminated the guesswork of “wait, did I add the salt?  Yes, I think I did…or did I?  It’s sitting right here on the counter so I must have…wait, maybe not…”  Oy.  With this checklist feature I methodically check off each ingredient as it goes in.  Problem solved!  That recipe is for Sweet Thai Chili Chicken:


You can see lots of comfort food happening around here lately.  And in only a matter of days the sun will be looking down on our household as we laugh over a meal with my girl finally home.



5 thoughts on “The Countdown..

  1. Kath, you must be exploding with excitement, you are so close to being together! And your meals, as always, look so delicious. I will call you this week!


  2. Thanks for checking out my Mocha Chip Muffins! I’m new to your blog, but enjoyed reading this post about Thanks”glutening”! That does feel true sometimes. Also wanted to mention that I’m familiar with that menu planner, and also think it’s great!

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